Campaign Launched to Provoke FIT’s Plans to be Reconsidered

An innovative campaign has been launched in an effort to get the government to reconsider their latest plans to cut the feed in tariff payments.

The campaign – launched by 10:10 group – used ‘clean graffiti’ of phantom solar panels to illustrate removing pollution from paving stones and other surfaces. It has been located in a very prominent location outside of the main Department of Energy and Climate Change offices in Whitehall. The stunt marks the launch of the “Keep Fits” campaign.

If the governments proposed plans are to go ahead, this will see a cut of up to 87% on renewable energy subsidies, which could have a detrimental effect to the solar industry.

The idea behind the use of ‘phantom panels’ illustrates the ghosts of a solar future, with the government wanting to kill off the solar industry.

To take a look at the innovative campaign and see how you can get involved visit:

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