Changes to the Feed in Tariff

As of July 1st the Feed in Tariff for solar PV will reduce from 13.39 p/kWh to 12.92 p/kWh.  So now really is the time to try and get that solar PV install.

The benefits of any solar PV install – irrespective of and FIT changes – are:shutterstock_157736174

  • You receive a payment for the energy you generate
  • You receive a payment for the energy you export to the grid (meaning you get paid more for the energy you don’t use than for the energy you do – encouraging you to save money).
  • And, most importantly, you make significant savings on your energy bills.

And, key to the feed in tariff, is the fact that its guaranteed and index linked for 20 years meaning you will continue to receive an income for the duration of that time. And, with returns of up to 8%, that means the cost of installing the system could be paid for within 7 years, meaning from then on your benefitting from a continued income and lower energy bills.

To find out how, by installing a solar PV system, you could receive an extra income and save on your energy bills contact 0800 954 9689.