Could the Cuts to Solar Subsidies be Positive News for the Industry?

Despite the government facing a wrath of criticism for cutting solar panel subsidies by 65%, a key advocate for the solar industry has backed the recent announcements.

The entrepreneur behind the project to fly around the world powered by solar – Bertrand Piccard – has suggested that the cuts could lead to money being directed to more profitable ways of cutting carbon emissions.

Bertnand has praised the UK’s commitments to cutting its emissions and he believes that without subsidies a clear legal framework obliging the transformation of clean technologies will prove to be more successful as everyone will have to do it.

Despite this, there are expectations in the industry that the rate of domestic installations will significantly reduce by as much as 50%, with fears that up to 32,000 jobs in the industry could be lost.

As recent solar industry news seems to be all doom and gloom, it is great to see a different perspective on the cuts brought by a leader and look at the positives that the shifts can bring.