Freaky Weather

After one of the wettest, yet warmest winters on record in the UK, it brings into question – what is going on with the weather?

Since records began back in 1910, last month was the warmest December ever recorded. More worryingly, floods have swept northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland over the last few weeks leaving devastating consequences.

The met office has reported the reasoning behind this is due to the weather phenomenon El Nino and man-made climate change. Scientists have suggested that with the UK’s temperatures already rising by 1C, in decades to come this sort of freaky winter weather could become the norm.

As climate change is already clearly having an impact on the lives of people, this really draws to light that we all could be doing more to reduce our own emissions and play a role in saving our environment. Small steps taken collectively will have a big impact overall. Make sure you do your bit!

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