Free Solar – How is This Possible?

You may hear the words ‘free solar’ and immediately think ‘nothing in life is free, what’s the catch?’

This is a genuine offer. Saving Energy can install solar panels to your roof completely free of charge with no upfront or hidden costs.

And the reason we are able to allow our customers the opportunity to receive free solar is thanks to the government feed-in tariff scheme (FITs). This means that we can install free solar panels on your roof and our partners funding the install are able to retain the feed in tariff.

At Saving Energy we also offer you the chance to buy back your solar panels after 5 years if you want to make an investment in renewable energy and start to benefit from the feed-in tariff yourself.shutterstock_164470808

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to significantly reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon emissions and this solution provides the perfect opportunity for you to do so.