Free Solar to Businesses

We are proud to announce that Saving Energy is now an official partner to Lightsource.

The partnership means that we are now able to offer businesses the opportunity to have state of the art enhanced solar panels installed completely free of charge. Businesses across the region can set up a solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) enabling them to significantly reduce their energy bills and switch to clean electricity.

Through the PPA agreement, Lightsource will retain payments from selling any unconsumed electricity back to the national grid as well as receiving Feed in Tariff (FIT) payments. Established in 2010, the Government backed scheme allows Lightsource to receive money from the energy supplier for the electricity that is generated by the business via the solar PV.

We want our customers in the North East to be able to power their business at the lowest possible price – and a solar PV system allows them to do just that. The PPA agreement is straightforward and our customers can rest assured that their system will be insured and maintained to the highest possible standards throughout the duration of the agreement period.

Our customers who have had solar panels installed are typically paying only 5p per every kilowatt of energy used – less than half the price of what they were previously paying.

If you are interested in significantly reducing your electricity bills through the installation of solar panels – completely free of charge – get in touch with one of our friendly staff who will be able to take you through the simple process.