Future Proof Your Home with Solar PV

Stand up to rising energy costs and generate your own electricity with Solar PV. It’s that simple.

Solar Photovoltaic panels allow you to use energy from the sun to generate your own electricity. This electricity can then be used to feed into appliances – reducing the need to purchase energy from a utility provider and therefore dramatically reducing household bills.

As well as reducing bills you can also gain a tax free income from the electricity you generate with the Governments Feed in Tariff (FIT).  This scheme is designed to encourage the use of renewable energy sources by paying homeowners for every kilowatt hour (kWH) of electricity they generate. This is guaranteed for 20 or 25 years, dependant on when the system is installed.

So not only are you benefitting from the significant monetary savings that Solar PV has to offer but you’re also making a contribution to helping the environment at the same time! It’s a win-win investment.

Saving Energy Renewables North East has installed 800 Solar PV systems throughout the North East to date and are continuing to do so at a fast pace as homeowners see the benefits that the systems can offer.

To reap the rewards of a Solar PV system – call Saving Energy Renewables North East today.


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