Helping to Make a Warmer Winter

It’s summer (apparently) and though we can’t guarantee the weather, there are some things we can take control of.  At this time of year furthest from everyone’s mind is the thought of winter and keeping warm.  But for many families across the north east and the UK winter is a tough time keeping homes warm, and that’s if you’re fortunate enough to have one.

In the UK alone there are 2.28m people struggling to heat their homes and classed as being in fuel poverty.  And there have been 28,460 homeless applications made to councils across the UK.

So here at Saving Energy we’re keen to support projects like Making Winter Warmer where, through the simple donation of clothes and essential items, we’re helping to make the lives of those facing homelessness and disadvantage a little bit easier.

So even though it’s the height of summer, think about what you might be able to donate now and into the coming months to Make Winter Warmer for those less fortunate.