How Biogas is Seeping into our Psyche

The campaign to derive electricity from renewable sources has been a long standing movement – but during all of this – gas seems to have taken a backseat in the energy scene. But new biogas tariffs could indeed be changing that!

39,000 gas customers may soon be benefitting from a new biogas tariff being implemented by one of the UK’s leading providers of electricity and gas. Produced from the UK’s organic matter, such as sewage, manure, and food waste from supermarkets, the ‘green gas’ contains 6% bio methane, and comes from a multitude of anaerobic digesters from all over the country, some of which supply the green gas directly into the grid.

Biogas is generally regarded as the next step from electricity, and is becoming more and more available to the public as more sites for anaerobic digestion become available.

Following the Paris Climate Agreement signing, awareness for carbon neutral schemes is increasing in the minds of homeowners, as more of us look to do our part in the world wide effort to cut our fossil fuel consumption. Not only are there benefits to the environment, combine this with gas energy tariffs falling in recent times, you could be set to save on your energy bills as well.

Biogas is just one way in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. If you are interested in becoming more eco and would like to know what energy efficiency measures you can implement, contact us today on 0800 954 9689 to start Saving Energy.

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