Let’s Unite in Gaining Answers from the Department of Energy and Climate Change

The National Insulation Association (NIA) is actively calling upon companies in our industry to support their bold call for action for answers to future government backed energy schemes.


Calling upon ministers from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the NIA is urging the department to announce their plans for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) before the Summer Recess on July 21, 2015. They also want to know the intentions for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) as the scheme draws to an end in 2017.


The NIA stresses that recent figures published by DECC and OFGEM on ECO highlighted energy companies could potentially meet ECO2 targets by the first quarter of 2016 with progress moving at a fast pace. The GDHIF, which was initially set up to compensate for the shortfall of activity in the ECO scheme due to Government cuts in 2014, has also come to a halt in the industry until a decision has been made.


At Saving Energy, we are in support of the NIA’s call to action. As the NIA has said, the delay of such announcements has led to a shortfall in insulation activity which is “harmful to householders and the industry alike.”


Our mission is to help bring the UK out of fuel poverty, therefore it is essential that announcements of schemes such as ECO and GDHIF is brought to light for businesses in our industry.


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