Our Cutting Edge Microinverter Technology

As a technology driven renewable company, we only use the best available, most advanced technology on the market!

This is why we work one of our key suppliers, Enphase. They have developed the world’s most cutting-edge micro-inverters – which we use in all of our solar panels.

A micro-inverter allows direct current (DC) to be converted into an alternative current (AC). Enphase have developed their technology to ensure maximum production from each module. This means that the system delivers more kilowatt-hours each day – even when it is partly cloudy – so that you can make the most of the energy that your solar system produces.

This world leading microinverter also has enhanced monitoring and management, which means should something go wrong, we can instantly pick this fault up and come rectify it.

We only deliver the best for our customers and we know you will be satisfied with our systems!