Benefits of SecoTHERM®

  • Improves the thermal efficiency of the masonry by keeping it dry (potential heat loss of up to 30%).
  • Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation.
  • Reduces heat loss.
  • Offers a self cleaning surface.
  • Slows down the aging of brickwork.
  • Less susceptible to the growth of microorganisms and algal bloom.

Guaranteed Proven Performance

Water absorption can be minimised dramatically by having SecoTHERM® installed on your property. On a porous brick the water absorption will be reduced by more than 95%!

SecoTHERM® has been tested to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating it’s hygrothermal* performance on concrete, mortar, brick and sandstone.

*Hygrothermal pertains to the movement of heat and moisture through buildings

The product penetrates deeply into the substrate and offers protection for many years*

*20 Year guarantee – When installed by an Approved Applicator

The product is proven to save 30% or more of heat escaping through your walls depending on the porosity of the masonry.

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Customer Testimonials

Edward Parson

Saving energy was really professionals. Pleased with the results. Can't wait to see Seco therm save me money.

Megan Archer

I really like the self cleaning surface, it definitely helps with house maintenance, would recommend in a heartbeat.

David Richardson

Thank you for the professional and fast work by all of the team at Saving Energy