Solar Demand Soars

lander-solar-oneA new market research piece by Mintel has revealed that up to 60% of UK consumers would be open to the installation of solar panels in the next five years. This is great news for the industry as people are starting to see the fantastic benefits that solar has to offer.

Since 2010 the demand for solar panels has soared and this is set to grow even further as the price of installation continues to drop.

Over 450,000 homes in the UK have had solar panels installed to their roof already and this figure is growing on a daily basis. Government initiatives such as Feed-in tariffs (FITs) payments has helped to play a pivotal role in encouraging the uptake of solar PV on both a domestic and commercial level.

As we continue our mission in helping homes in the UK reduce their energy bills and build a more sustainable environment, we are delighted that the general public are adapting so well to renewable energy measures.