Solar Exceeding Expectations

We’re very impressed by a recent study by America’s Stanford University which has shown that building solar systems into the infrastructure of cities is the most efficient way to provide clean energy.

The research – which has taken place in California – tells us that solar constructed on and around urban infrastructure would exceed energy demands by up to five times.

What we’re really excited about is that currently large scale solar energy is limited by the need to find space for equipment without changing the surrounding area. What this research means is that, whilst the UK may not have the sunshine of California, more than 10% of our land is classified as urban – giving us more than enough infrastructure to host solar systems that could power the entire country.

These spaces include anything from cities and buildings to park space, residential and commercial rooftops.  We also know that – because of the value of locating solar power generating operations near roads and existing transmission lines – potentially compatible sites for solar need no longer be the remote locations originally thought.

According to the researchers, simply building solar energy into the urban and social environment could lead to a large scale solar boom.  We’re watching the space with great interest.

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