Solar Panel Costs & Prices

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Find out how much a Solar Power system for your home would cost.

Installing Solar Panels lets you:

  • Generate your own electricity
  • Reduce your electricity bill & carbon footprint
  • Earn a tax free income from the Feed In Tarrif
  • Safe guard against future electricity price rises
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Help in the fight against climate change

Solar Panel Costs

The cost of solar power systems has come down in recent years as the technology improves & more manufacturers enter the market, so they are now the cheapest price they have ever been.

The cost of your solar power system will depend on serveral factors such as the size of your house & how much roof space will be used for solar panelling.

The cost for a typical house using a 14 panel system would be around £3,500 but we can provide you with an exact quote when you arrange a home survey.

Don’t forget, you can offset some of the cost of your solar panel system with the money you earn from selling the surplus electricity you generate, and your energy bills will be lower too!

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The price of your solar panel system will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the system.

See our example opposite to see what a typical system would cost and how much it would reduce your bills.

You can choose to split the cost of your solar panels over 12 months with 0% Finance.

Small systems start from £2,700 including installation

We first carry out a home survey to find the best solution for your home. Once we have completed that, we usually install the solar panels within 3 days.

Installation of the system takes between 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the job.

You can pay for your solar panels in 12 monthly installments with our 0% finance option – or you can pay in full on completion of the new system.

All of our solar energy system installations are carried out by experienced & registered engineers. We provide a 1 year warranty on our work & your solar panel system comes with a manufacturers warranty.

Our work installation work is of the highest quality – check out our amazing reviews on Checkatrade

Yes! The solar panels will generate your electricity during daylight hours, effectively giving you free electricity. Any surplus electricity generated will be fed back into the national grid & you will receive a payment for this.

The Feed In Tarrif (FIT) is a Government incentive scheme to encourage small scale, low-carbon electricity generation. You receive a payment for each unit of electricity you generate (whether you use it or not). Payments are made once a quarter & Saving Energy UK will help you with your application for FIT.

Read more about FIT on the ofgem website

Solar PV Panels are an alternative energy source which converts sunlight into usable electricity. As long as your roof has no oversharing, is facing south east through to south west, and is ideally at a 30 degree angle, solar panels can convert energy even when overcast! As long as the sun is up, electricity will be created.

Arrange a free survey to find out if a residential solar PV system will be suitable for your property


This example shows the estimated costs / benefits from installing a 14 panel 4kWp solar PV system.

  • Total cost £4,900

Save and earn up to £320* per year from :

  • Money saved on your bills by not needing to get as much electricity from your supplier
  • Getting paid for the electricity you generate but do not use
  • Getting paid for the electricity you generate & use

Other smaller systems are available and cost start from as little as £2,700. Savings and payback will vary depending on system size etc. The best way to estiablish the what system size your roof can have is to have a technical survey and quotation.

*This an estimated amount based on a 4kWp solar PV system if installed in London between 1st January 2017 – 31st March 2017 and EPC rating of D or above. This was taken from and is correct as of February 2017.

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