Sustainability: Empowering Change in Organisations

A recent article on urges businesses to change their environmental and cultural behaviour through adopting an empowered change to create a more sustainable future. describes the move of empowered change as ‘when people choose to take ownership and feel capable of positive action to deliver it.’

They believe – and Saving Energy concur – that in order for empowerment to happen and to enable a shift in behaviours towards energy saving measures and techniques, employees not only need to understand the goals of sustainability, but also need to be part of the programme to create a more sustainable environment.

The article recommends 3 steps to begin empowerment:


This step involves creating the passion and motivations behind why change needs to take place, evaluating the current situation and the steps that can be taken to achieve your goals. At this point it is useful to embrace innovative communication and engagement tactics with the correct tools to use.


During this period, your strategy and tactics are delivered to employees empowering them with a sense of change. It is important at this stage, the short wins and successes are communicated within the company to continue the momentum.


Once the foundations have been laid in the early stages, it is now important to continue to communicate and demonstrate the value of cultural change within the organisation.

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