Top tips to make the most of your solar panels

At Saving Energy we have put together 5 top tips to ensure you maximise your solar energy system to its full potential:

  • Use your appliances during the day

If possible, try and use as much electricity during the day whilst it is free. Switching to running your washing machine during the daytime, ideally between 10am to 4pm will allow you to make significant savings on your energy bill. There are devices such as timers that you can purchase which allow you to determine the times your appliances are in use.


  • Update your appliances

Although you can make the most of your free electricity during the day, when the weather is not as good and outside of daylight hours, ensure that the appliances you are using are energy efficient, so that when you do have to pay for your electricity, it isn’t as much.


  • Adapt the way you use electricity

If you stagger the use of your major appliances throughout the day, rather than using them all at the same time, you minimise the chance of drawing power from the grid.


  • Ensure your panels stay out of the shade

It is imperative that you ensure your panels remain unobstructed after they have been installed. If you have trees that may be causing a shadow on your panel, we suggest you make sure that you trim them so that the panels are fully functional.


  • Keep the panels clean

Basically, the cleaner the glass is on your panels, the more chance the system has of catching the sun’s rays. How often you clean the panels themselves depends on whereabouts you live. If you live in an area where there is quite a lot of construction work or is open to the wind, we recommend you clean your panels on a frequent basis.

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