Top Tips to Save Energy in an Office

We’re pretty confident that we are all guilty of perhaps wasting energy both at work and at home.  Saving energy in the work pshutterstock_112453418lace is good business practice. Not only does it help to cut costs, it is also environmentally friendly and assists with your CSR plans.

At Saving Energy, we have put together some helpful tips to help small businesses save energy:

#1 Ensure lights are turned off

This is an incredibly easy thing to do – however you would be surprised by the number of people that forget to turn their lights off! Place helpful signs up as reminders or even look into introducing motion-activation lights which only work when someone is present in the room.

#2 Install LED lights

LED lighting is a great investment for businesses being a highly energy efficient measure. They may be a little more expensive to install, however the bulbs can pay for themselves in just a couple of months. LED lighting can also last up between 25 – 30 years.

#3 Switch off all devices

Ensure all employees switch off computers and monitors – don’t just leave it on standby – shut it down properly. On average it costs £50 per year for every device that is left on. Similarly any other electronic device radios, TVS, printers etc should be turned off.

#4 Implement renewable energy measures

There’s a range of measures such as solar PV and biomass heating that can help reduce a business’s energy bills by up to 50%. With various funding options available for such measures – small businesses can start to benefit.

#5 Replace outdated equipment with A rated upgrades

Old devices such as refrigerators, kettles and printers could be costing you an unnecessary amount of money. By upgrading to an energy efficiency model of your old devices you can see you energy bills start to reduce as less electricity is being used.

#6 Engage employees

Ask your employees how they think they can save energy before implementing new policies. Look to run competitions, have suggestion boxes and engage employees in the benefits of saving energy influencing a behaviour change amongst staff.