Why Green Energy?

In the next 20 years it is anticipated that one third of the UK’s power stations will shut down as they will fail to meet environmental legislations. With the demand for energy consistently on the rise, implementing renewable measures has never been so important in shaping a sustainable future for energy.

By 2020, the UK has a climate change goal of reducing the country’s CO2 emissions by 26%.  The target for 2050 is to reduce the emissions even further by 60-80%. Renewables will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions.

If the UK does not make the investment in green energy – there is a serious possibility that the country could be in blackout – with a shshutterstock_65944045ortage of power stations.

Our mission as a company is to make a significant contribution towards reaching the UK’s carbon reduction targets. As a one stop shop for renewable energy, we offer full end to end services ranging from biomass, solar PV and solar thermal right through to external wall insulation, LED lighting and boiler changes.

We provide the most reliable, cutting edge technology that not only sees our customer making significant savings on their energy bills – but also helps to reduce their carbon emissions – helping to save the environment.