Solar PV


We are currently offering fully installed Solar PV systems at over 50% off. These are strictly first come first serve basis.
Install a solar PV system on your roof with Saving Energy COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!. There are no administration fees required and no installation fees required. You also avoid any ‘one off’ charges and there are no hidden catches!

Alternatively, purchase YOUR OWN SOLAR PV System and start earning!

Our solar PV systems start from only £2,000 and we have affordable finance packages available to suit your needs. You can enjoy the benefits of solar with payments starting from as little as £42 per month.

The Benefits of Solar PV

Solar PV provides you with many benefits including:

  • Lets you generate your own electricity
  • Reduces your electricity bills and carbon footprint
  • Earns you a second tax free income through the Feed In Tarrif (FIT) – potentially up to £530 per year
  • You get a guaranteed government backed tariff for 20 years
  • Allows you to sell your surplus electricity back to the grid
  • Can be installed in less than 1 day
  • Independent warranties available for all systems

How does it work?

  • Solar PV Panels

    Solar panel electricity systems, also known as solar photovoltaics (PV) use the energy from the sun's rays to create electricity - which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.

  • Inverter

    Converts the electricity produced from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) (240V). AC 240v electricity is the same form of electricity as that supplied by the mains power grid.

  • System connections

    The whole thing is basic to set up and quick to install - the system connections will Include simple cabling, safety switches and a display so that you can easily monitor the system.